The life you want

How many times have you heard “Follow your dreams”, “Your life is in your hands, do something about it, “Design your life- You are the creator”. Is it really truth what they say or it is just a crazy cheap talk of people who have ideal and perfect life?

Let’ s face the truth. Most of us are unhappy with the life with lead. We like complaining about everything: place we live, work we do, lack of money or friends. We are unhappy with what we have. But are we doing something to change this situation? Are we going to the gym to change body shape? Are we sending new cv to find a better paid job where we feel fulfilled? Do we even start to save some money for holidays in a place we always dreamt of? Some of us, maybe yes. But for the rest of us another Monday is coming and everything stays the same.

Hey you! Wake up.  Yes, you need to wake up right now and face the reality! Life is hard. It has always been, for me, for you, for your friends, for all of us. If you think that for your friend who just got a new Ferrari everything is nice and easy you are completely wrong. More likely that guy was working his butt off to get where is he now while you were seating on the couch and eating crisps. Nothing comes easy in life-Face it.



But I have good news. You can change it. You can make your life better, you can do whatever you want. The question is : are you ready for it? Are you ready for change!? Are you ready to sacrifice and work extra hard to make your dreams come true?






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